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Senior woman in an aerobics class lifting weights.

Is Senior Living the Right Choice for Me?

If only each person could look into a crystal ball and see for sure how their golden years ...
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Senior couple sitting on sofa discussing senior living care options with adult female.

Weighing the Senior Living Care Options

When it comes to senior living care options, today’s older adults have a wide array of choices to ...
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Senior man meeting with financial advisor on how to fund senior living expenses.

Ways to Fund Senior Living Expenses

Many people have concerns they won’t be able to afford the retirement lifestyle they desire or the care ...
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Adult female and senior male on sofa with tablet.

Tips for Having the Senior Living Conversation with Your Parents

It’s been said a good conversation is all about balance: a balance between listening and speaking, between simple ...
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A nurse is engaging in conversation with an older woman in a chair, discussing at-home care.

When At-Home Care Is and Isn’t a Good Choice for Seniors

For many seniors, receiving at-home care as they age sounds preferable to other options. Before making that choice ...
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A nurse is assisting an elderly woman on the couch while incorporating elements of dance for older adults in nursing homes.

Key Differences Between Nursing Homes and Senior Living Communities

Say the words “senior living communities” or “nursing homes” and many people immediately bring up gloomy images from ...
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A group of older adults engaged in yoga, a form of movement beneficial for seniors as it promotes flexibility and relaxation in a dedicated space for care options.

Lifestyle & Care Options in Senior Living Communities

Whether you’ve been wondering if you might enjoy the freedom from household responsibilities that independent living offers, or ...
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Three senior woman taking a selfie enjoying senior living communities.

Senior Living Communities Today: So Much More Than You Think!

It’s been said the only thing that stays the same is change – and that’s a good thing ...
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Three older adult couples dancing

Dance for Older Adults: Yes, You Can Dance Away Depression

Poet Maya Angelou once said, “Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances.” Perhaps that’s why dance ...
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