We’re Curana Health Clinic, and we’re so excited to be part of St. Mark Village.

Curana Health On-site Physician Clinic

We look forward to partnering with you on your health care goals right here on the St. Mark Village Nebraska Avenue campus in Palm Harbor, Florida. As your on-site Curana Health primary care provider, we will coordinate with your current specialists and can help expedite referrals to others as needed. Call or stop by today to learn more! The Curana Health Clinic at St. Mark Village is located just around the corner from our Backdoor Bistro.


Benefits of Our On-site Curana Health Clinic

Here are just some of the ways Curana Health Clinic at St. Mark Village can help you:

We employ compassionate providers dedicated to St. Mark Village.

We provide on-site assessments for new, urgent, and existing medical needs. 

Our focus is care coordination with all specialists, including home health, local hospitalist groups, and hospice.

Our medical professionals provide care that helps reduce unnecessary offsite care, emergency room visits, and avoidable hospitalizations.

We strive for enhanced and more convenient medical experiences for residents, leading to greater resident and family satisfaction.

We have 24/7/365 telephone service available.

Ready to meet your health goals?


Why did St. Mark Village partner with Curana Health?

St. Mark Village partnered with Curana Health to offer an on-site physician clinic for several reasons, including: to reduce unnecessary hospitalizations and offer residents the most dignity and comfort while receiving care, since having an on-site provider offers residents the choice to be seen in their homes.

Also, having 24/7 on-call geriatric-focused and trained providers available with access to our electronic medical records will allow for holistic views of one’s care/treatment plans and offers streamlined communication with specialists and primary care providers. Lastly, it allows for increased management of residents’ medication to ensure there are no contradictions and that a resident isn’t on unnecessary medicine.

Curana Health Clinic at St. Mark Village FAQs