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Celebrating 38 Years

August 23, 2018

As we prepare to celebrate our 38th Anniversary here at St. Mark Village, we first pause to reflect. We are a nation with many uncertainties about its healthcare system. With the recent information that has come to light regarding the financial instability of a number of large, well-known healthcare companies that care for Seniors, those…

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Restful Sleep

December 10, 2017

Tips for getting a restful night’s sleep: Getting a good night’s sleep is highly important to functioning well during the day. This is especially the case for seniors. The difference between restful sleep and a restless night can mean loss of energy during the day and can even increase your risk for chronic conditions such…

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Fraud Against Seniors

December 1, 2017

Tips  on How to Guard Fraud Against Seniors and Cyber Scams With the Internet at our fingertips and everybody having a smart phone or tablet there is an unfortunate increased risk for scams. These scams leave people with monetary loss, identity theft and credit card fraud.  The holidays are the most vulnerable time of year.…

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Lower Cholesterol with these easy tips

October 30, 2017

Five tips to help you improve your cholesterol levels Keeping your cholesterol down is important to keep  your risk for heart disease and heart attacks low as well as keeping you healthier overall.   Here are five tips to help you make changes to lower your cholesterol levels. Regular exercise Doing some type of exercise even…

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