The Care You Need, for as Long as You Need It

Life Care Plan

At St. Mark Village, we don’t want our residents to worry about anything. And that includes future health care needs. That’s why, in addition to Independent Living, we offer a Continuum of Care in our Care Centers—Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation—so that should your needs change, assistance will be available right here, from people you know, where you already feel at home. It gives you seamless access to future care options.

A man sitting at a table, radiating a smile that embodies a promise of life care.

Benefits of Life Care Plan

With Life Care at St. Mark Village, your care is guaranteed for life—even if your financial situation changes. That’s our promise to you. Choosing Life Care means financial security, value, and peace of mind.

It’s why so many active seniors choose our community. They want a vibrant, inspiring environment where they find good friends, abundant opportunities to pursue physical health, intellectual and cultural fulfillment, and spiritual enrichment, and have quality care if needed, guaranteed—without having to leave the Village and their support system.

With Life Care at the Village,
receive FREE days at any of our levels of care.

Life Care gives you a plan. And your family, peace of mind. Choosing Life Care at St. Mark Village may be the greatest gift you can give yourself and your loved ones.

St. Mark Village is open to anyone at any level of care. You may move directly into any level of care you need at St. Mark Village, but our best advice is that you come in through Independent Living and take advantage of Life Care.

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Total Life Care FAQs