What is Life Care?

It is living your best life

At St. Mark Village you are surrounded by friends, caring people, and every amenity to make your lives full, rich, and comfortable. There are abundant opportunities to pursue physical health, intellectual development, cultural fulfillment, and spiritual enrichment.


It is complete peace of mind

The Village is designed to be your sanctuary – a place where you can live with independence, dignity, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that support is available should your needs change.


It is the guarantee of lifetime care and life care subsidy

We offer the full continuum of care, and as a Resident of St. Mark Village, you can rest assured that you will receive the care you need for as long as you need it, even if your financial situation should change.

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What Is a Life Care Community?

A Life Care Community or a Continuing Care Community (CCC) is defined as one that offers various amenities, services, and levels of care.  At St. Mark Village, we offer Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing, and Rehabilitation. The Village attracts active seniors who desire to live in a vibrant environment where they can savor every moment, with the knowledge that they will receive compassionate quality care, when and if needed. This arrangement also allows the Resident to stay close to their support system should they need to access our continuum of care at any time.  Choosing Life Care at St. Mark Village means financial security, value, and peace of mind. Truly the greatest gift you can give yourself and your loved ones.

What do you mean by the term Life Care?

Residents moving into Independent Living pay an Admission Fee.  They also execute an Admissions Agreement.  The most important part of this document guarantees that you will receive the care you need for as long as you need it, even if your financial situation should change.  This promise is Life Care at St. Mark Village.  With the payment of the Admission Fee and the signing of the Admissions Agreement, Residents and their loved ones are assured they will remain at the Village even if their health or financial situation changes.    

What is the difference in the levels of care in a Life Care Community?
  • At St. Mark Village:

    Our Independent Living – Residents live in a spacious apartment customized with their choice of décor.  They have access to a wide array of amenities such as wellness and life enrichment programs, special events, educational opportunities, fine dining, housekeeping, 24 hour security and nurse availability, emergency call systems, and much more. 

    Our Assisted Living – Residents reside in private apartments complete with their favorite furnishings from their prior residence. Nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants provide gentle help with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, and medication management, while encouraging the Residents to enjoy each day.  Our experienced team members embrace a holistic approach to wellness, offering exercise classes, cultural and educational enrichment, and spiritual guidance. We also provide fine dining, housekeeping, laundry service, transportation, and more. 

    Our Memory Care - Assisted Living with additional resources, including team members educated and trained to provide the highest level of service, quality of life, and safety to our Residents with dementia.  Each day’s plans are tailored to the individual Resident to provide a stimulating yet peaceful experience. We strive to ensure that the same familiar faces assist our Residents with cognitive impairment, fostering a trust that is crucial to their well-being.   

    Our Skilled Nursing Care – With a 5 star rating from the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services, we are extremely proud of our reputation as one of the area’s finest.  Our goal is to provide comfort and healing in a warm, homey atmosphere. Our team includes Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Therapists, and Certified Nursing Assistants.  Additional expertise comes from Admissions, Social Services, Life Enrichment, Culinary Services, and Physical Plant Operations staff, all working together to support our most frail Residents while providing answers and guidance to their loved ones.

    Our Rehabilitation Services - We provide in-patient therapy at our Betty Fresh Rehab, and out-patient therapy in our Village Health and Rehabilitation.  Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapists are available at each.  Here at St. Mark Village, the Residents are able to recover, recuperate, and regain strength with our own highly credentialed, creative therapy team members who they already know and trust.  

Is there a financial benefit to moving into a Life Care community?

When you move to St. Mark Village, the IRS recognizes a percentage of both the Admission Fee and the Monthly Service Fee as a pre-paid medical expense deduction.  Each year they are provided with a letter outlining the calculated percentages allowable for deductions.  Further explanation and assistance is provided by our knowledgeable Finance team.

Can you briefly describe the steps that occur when considering a move to a Continuing Care Community?

Understandably, most people will have many questions when thinking about coming to a Continuing Care Community.  Our experienced Sales Counselors will guide the prospective Resident through each part of the process, including an in-depth analysis of each individual’s financial picture, ensuring that your investment in St. Mark Village is the very best decision for you.  They will explain our Admissions Agreement and what our guarantee of Life Care really means for your future.  Also, you must be 62 years of age or older on the date that you move to St. Mark Village.

What happens when I have made the decision to move forward?

Once you have selected your apartment, and the Admissions Agreement has been executed, your initial payment will be 10% of the Admission Fee.  Next, your Sales Counselor and Move in Coordinator, we will help you plan every detail of the move including timing, décor choices for your apartment, trusted movers, orientation, etc.  We are committed to making your transition as easy as possible.

Are there Monthly Service Fees in addition to the Admission Fee?

Yes, at St. Mark Village, monthly service fees are based on the size of the apartment and whether one or two people will reside there.

What is included with the Monthly Service Fees?

Our monthly service fee includes all utilities – Wi-Fi, cable and phone.  Also, one fine dining, five course meal a day, scheduled transportation, weekly housekeeping, general maintenance, 24 hour security, Resident Nurse visits, and wellness and life enrichment programs.

Is the Admission Fee refundable?

Our policy provides a "refund period" of four years. If you decide to leave St. Mark Village during that time, the Admission Fee will be refunded less a 4% processing fee and less 2% per month for each month you have lived here.

What if I experience a short term need for extra assistance or more care?

At St. Mark Village, we can accomplish this two ways:

Our Resident Services department can provide CONCIERGE CARE to you either on a temporary or permanent basis.  For example, if you would like a personal escort to a doctor’s appointment and/or for someone to stay with you at your appointment.  If you need extra help with shopping, banking, meal preparation, laundry, or pet care, we can assist with those types of things. 

Secondly, as part of your LIFE CARE AGREEMENT we give you 30 days FREE at any of our levels of care, where we can provide 24/7 eyes and hands on care and services from our nursing staff, extra meals or accommodate special diets, handle complex medications, provide therapy and more.  Our goal is to get you back on your feet and back to your apartment.

What happens to my Independent Living apartment when I permanently need more care?

At St. Mark Village, when a Resident moves permanently to one of the Care Centers, the Independent Living apartment will be released. If the apartment has been occupied by two people, and one moves to a Care Center, the Resident remaining in Independent Living will pay the Monthly Service Fee for single occupancy of that apartment, with the option to move to a smaller apartment when available.

Can I directly access the Continuum of Care and move right into a Care Center?

Yes.  Our complete Continuum of Care at St. Mark Village is available to those who do not first move into Independent Living.  If you or your loved one find that you need Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing Care, or in-patient Rehab, please contact us. If you are uncertain what level of care you need, we will happy to help you figure it out.  We have been doing this for a long time. Our best advice is to make a plan for your future that includes Independent Living, with the promise Lifetime Care and Life Care Subsidy.  That being said, all our Care Centers have an excellent reputation and we would welcome you or your loved one to come and join us at the Village.




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