When Assisted Living can bring Peace of Mind and Joy

Aging affects each person differently, and at different times. Many questions arise when you notice your own, or your loved one’s health needs changing. There are options for meeting those challenges and an Assisted Living Facility (ALF) may be one of the best. It is important to consider how assisted living can be a wonderful alternative to living at home when it comes to quality of life, wellness, and socialization.

For individuals needing support, assisted living is a level of care that offers more services than an Independent Living Facility, but less than a Nursing Home. At Highland Lakes Assisted Living, a member of the St. Mark Village family, a Resident lives in their own apartment-like space. We offer 24/7 assistance from a caring staff of nurses and certified nurse’s aides. It is a warm, homey setting with access to personal care, nutrition, wellness services, and therapy; designed specifically for older adults. Seniors, and their friends and families, have peace of mind. Yet, our Residents still maintain their independence. In addition, perhaps the best thing about living at Highland Lakes Assisted Living is the social programs and activities.

Seniors, who live alone, often become isolated from friends and family members, as well as their church and former social groups, due to health issues and difficulty getting out and about. This can cause changes in mood and anxiety.

Life at Highland Lakes offers our Residents plenty of opportunities for fun. Socialization with new friends becomes much easier in the light, bright, yet cozy common areas. A variety of life enriching activities are offered every day, including exercise classes, field trips, and music programs. We strive to make every day special by offering physical activities, intellectual stimulation, and spirituality groups led by our full time Chaplain.

Some of the best things about living at Highland Lakes Assisted Living are that we offer a safe setting, provide superior health care services, three delicious and nutritious meals each day, and a multitude of programs that will stimulate interpersonal relations and grow friendships. St. Mark Village recognizes the importance of caring for the WHOLE person. MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT WELLNESS is our focus!



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