Improving Quality of Life at St. Mark Village Through Technology 

St. Mark Village continues to make significant investments in technology to improve the services and quality of life for residents and team members within the community. Find out more about how we’re using the best of technology in senior living:

Amazon Alexa

Thanks to a custom solution created by our IT department, residents with Amazon Alexa and Echo devices can not only shop, listen to music and the news, and check the weather, they can also ask questions like “What’s for dinner?” or “What are today’s activities and announcements?” The device will then speak the menu, activities, and announcements for the current day or any date that is asked. For devices with a screen, they’ll also see the requested information. Residents can access this information via their personal devices or at the kiosk in the main lobby.

Our residents also enjoy the convenience of using Alexa to ask the St. Mark Village staff for help.

Exceptional, Secure Wi-Fi Access

Improving Wi-Fi access at St. Mark Village’s Nebraska Avenue campus and Highland Lakes location was one of the first major technology initiatives. Starting in 2019 and led by Director of Technology Dylan Fresh – the community founder’s great grandson – the Wi-Fi improvement project has changed the technological landscape of the non-profit organization.

Through a partnership with Cisco Meraki, St. Mark Village has 250 Wi-Fi access points throughout its campuses. Residents and staff are able to log onto the secure network anywhere on campus, knowing they have a team of professionals and AI software working to protect them from the constantly evolving cyber security threats.

Digital Content and Virtual Reality Designed Especially for Seniors

St. Mark Village continues to test different platforms that provide engagement and stimulation to our residents, even to the higher levels of care including memory care.

Digital content including It’s Never Too Late (IN2L) and virtual reality goggles bring fun and joy to our residents, help to spark memories, and enhance cognitive abilities. “Seeing residents light up when they hear one of their favorite songs, or laughing and having fun by exploring new entertainment that incorporates physical movement, muscle recall and usage of motor skills is just amazing” shared Randall Rees, St. Mark Village’s Vice President of Healthcare Operations.

“Our team has committed to embracing technology as it is improving multiple aspects of life and already plays an integral role in the exceptional care we provide. St. Mark Village’s mission is ‘to enrich the lives of the residents we serve’ and so we are continuously researching tools and resources that provide best quality of life.”

– Jeff Gorddard, President and CEO, St. Mark Village

“The technology here is truly excellent,” said St. Mark Village resident Doug Brown. “My wife and I love the new resident app on our phone. It’s awesome and it gives me everything I need to know about what is happening here every day.”

– Doug Brown, St. Mark Village resident


Emergency Notification Communication Platform

St. Mark Village has implemented emergency notification communication technology, providing additional peace of mind to residents, team members and family members alike. Powered by Informacast, the CallAware system allows for real-time messaging to multiple teams for medical, security, and concierge events.

Adding Infrastructure Today for Future Technology Needs

Planning for St. Mark Village’s future technology needs is important. As we upgrade our community’s infrastructure, we are also adding fiber and data cables that will be integral for future turnkey upgrades as technology evolves. Because of these investments today, we’ll have plenty of room for future growth.

Security Cameras and Access Control

Thanks to our partnership with Verkada, St. Mark Village’s buildings are monitored by state-of-the-art security cameras with facial recognition technology. The system also employs access control technology to secure locations like the memory care community from unauthorized entry and exit. In addition, the guest management kiosk not only logs in all visitors, but it also integrates with the cameras and access control, providing a high level of security for the community.

Convenient Smart Package Lockers

St. Mark Village residents enjoy the convenience offered by the LuxerOne package system, a secure 24/7 package pick-up system. Packages are stored in lockers just off the main lobby, and once delivered, residents receive a notification containing the code to access their package.