The Greatest Gifts: Family & Peace of Mind

By Carla Fresh, Chief Marketing Officer


Carla graduated from Miami University with a degree in Communication, Theatre, and Arts Management. After many years living and working in New York City, she moved to Florida looking for a change, and what she found at St. Mark Village was life changing. Her journey to St. Mark started as a volunteer at a nearby Skilled Nursing Facility, which soon led to a position as the Life Enrichment Director at an Assisted Living Facility. This ALF was acquired by St. Mark in 1990, and Carla realized she had finally found a home. She was very, very fortunate initially to spend most of her time in the Care Centers learning as much as she could from the Residents and staff, who so lovingly supported and cared for each other.

In 1997, she was honored to be asked to join the Sales and Marketing team. Currently, as Chief Marketing Officer, her goals are to help prospective Residents feel, understand, and embrace the warmth and caring that IS St. Mark Village and to ensure that St. Mark will continue for many more generations to come. She hopes you will find your new home here, joining our extended family of friends, who make St. Mark Village such a special place.


The holidays were great!  You searched long and hard to find just the right gifts for your loved ones.  Perhaps you found a special sweater that’s just perfect for your son.  You pick out fine wine glasses, perfect for your daughter-in-law’s kitchen.  And you couldn’t help it — you came home from the toy store with bags full of presents for the grand-kids.  But now it’s time to think about a greater gift. The best gift you could give your family isn’t found in a store.  It’s peace of mind.


It’s the peace of mind that comes when your family knows you are safe, surrounded by friends, caring people and every service and amenity to make your lives full, rich and comfortable.  It’s a place where there are abundant opportunities to pursue physical health, intellectual development, cultural fulfillment and spiritual enrichment, a place that nourishes you in every way. A place where you and your family have the security of knowing that support is available as you grow older and your needs change.


There are choices out there. St. Mark Village is a great community but as you decide I would encourage you to visit and spend some time at communities you’re considering.  Tour the buildings and grounds. Have lunch in the dining room. See what events are popular and ask about activities you particularly enjoy. Do you love to swim? Check out the pool. Find out about the community’s financial stability and contractual arrangements you’ll need to make.


The physical facilities in a community are important, of course, but what’s even more important is the culture. Talk to residents. Many will be happy to tell you what they like about the community and how it feels to live here. Ask questions. Take your time and visit more than once at different times of day.


Your choice of a community should be more than just a place that meets your needs. It should be your sanctuary—the place where you can live with independence and dignity, and be yourself.


And always remember, it’s a gift you’re not just giving your family. You’re giving it to yourself.  You deserve it!



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