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Lower Cholesterol with these easy tips

Five tips to help you improve your cholesterol levels

Keeping your cholesterol down is important to keep  your risk for heart disease and heart attacks low as well as keeping you healthier overall.   Here are five tips to help you make changes to lower your cholesterol levels.

Regular exercise

Doing some type of exercise even for just 10 minutes a day has been proven to help reduce cholesterol levels. Even if you just take a simple daily 10 minute walk or join one of our many exercise classes you are taking a step in the right direction to lowering your cholesterol levels. A great tip is to do any of these activities with a friend to make it more fun.

Reduce your weight

Being overweight can affect your cholesterol levels. Whether you make some small changes to your daily eating and exercise habits or choose a full overhaul your weight-loss will help your cholesterol levels decrease. Look for opportunities to increase your daily activity level and be mindful of your daily eating habits.

Change your overall diet

Increasing your intake of heart healthy foods will reduce your cholesterol levels and improve your overall heart health. By choosing healthier fats such as leaner cuts of meat and low-fat dairy you are making healthier choices. Another tip is to illuminate trans fats from your diet as they increase the bad cholesterol in your blood and can lower your good cholesterol levels. This leads to an increase in risk of heart attacks. Many fried, processed, prepackaged products such as mini chips, cookies and boxed snacks and desserts have trans fats. It’s always best to read ingredient labels to be sure you are getting a healthier product.

 Choose healthier fats

By changing the type of fats you use and consume you can lower your cholesterol. You also should be eating foods that are high in omega-3 fatty acids such as fish and nuts.  In addition you should increase your fiber intake by adding fruits, beans, vegetables and oats to your diet regularly. Way protein will also help lower your cholesterol level and it is naturally found in dairy products but is also available in the supplemental levels.

Consume alcohol in moderation

Drinking alcohol in excess will lead to a variety of serious health problems including high blood pressure and possibly heart failure or stroke. For those 65 and over, one drink a day is recommended.

Quit smoking

Smoking is another cause a very large variety of health issues. If you stop you will immediately improve your HDL cholesterol level. One year after quitting smoking in your risk of heart disease is cut in half from when you were a smoker.

Every body is different, and different people will have different results. You may not see results immediately however you should continue these lifestyle changes and overtime you will definitely see an improvement in your cholesterol levels. If you are looking for an exercise class or for tips on healthy eating check out St. Mark Village’s calendar of events for activities geared for a healthy mindset.



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