Let Us Help You Get Healthy and Stay Healthy

At St. Mark Village, we embrace a holistic approach to Wellness, striving for MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT health. As part of this philosophy, we have created a WELLNESS, REHAB, WELLNESS circle comprised of our Wellness Program and our Rehab Department. Our main focus is to ensure that the Residents of St. Mark Village are healthy and strong in mind and body.

In October 2015, our Wellness Center was renovated and new equipment was purchased to better serve our Residents on their path to living a healthy lifestyle. Recently, we have started a program to ensure that each Resident receives proper instruction on how to use the new equipment to help them meet their goals.  In addition, we offer various group classes that accommodate all levels of fitness, and foster fun and camaraderie. Some examples of our classes, with yet more to come.

Sit & Fit Class

  • Strong & Steady
  • Aerobic Dance
  • Water Aerobics
  • Circuit Training

An integral part of our WELLNESS, REHAB, WELLNESS continuum is our Rehab Department comprised of a highly skilled team specializing in Physical, Occupational and Speech therapies. So, should a Resident find themselves needing these services following surgery, an injury, or a serious illness, the Rehab Department will create a plan to restore optimum strength and confidence as they assist you in planning your transition back to WELLNESS.

As part of our LifeCare Agreement, we guarantee a place for you at whatever level of care you need, even on a temporary basis. This promise is especially important when our Residents experience a major change in their health status and are in need of inpatient rehabilitation. That pledge gives the Residents and their loved ones a peace of mind beyond measure. When you are at your most fragile and vulnerable, you will come back HOME from the hospital to Betty Fresh Rehab & Spa, at St. Mark Village. Home among your friends, the staff you know, and the Rehab Team members who you already trust from their participation as leaders of your Wellness Program. So as you can see, an integral part of our WELLNESS, REHAB, WELLNESS continuum is our Rehab Department. Our Residents and their therapists form a special relationship during this stressful time as a personalized therapy and wellness plan is developed. As part of this plan, the therapists accompany their patients to appointments with physicians providing an extra set of ears, expertise, customer service and perhaps most importantly a caring and trusted hand to hold.



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