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January is Mental Wellness Month

Start off your new year with a fresh start and positive attitude. Mental wellness is defined by The American Heritage Medical Dictionary as a state of emotion of psychological well-being in which an individual is able to use his or her cognitive and emotional capabilities in order to function in society as well as meet the ordinary demands of everyday life.

When you experience problems with your mental health state, your attitude, your behaviors and your ability to think and process can be negatively affected. With early detection and assistance, you can improve or maintain your mental wellness state. Some early warning signs your mental wellness may be altered, include abnormal sleep patterns, distancing yourself from social environments, decline in energy levels and several, frequent mood swings.

So how can you maintain a positive mental health? Remember to stay positive, to stay active, to remain engaged with your surroundings and with others, and to develop abilities to cope with various everyday situations.

With a positive mental health and wellness state, you are able to work productively, to feel ownership, to cope with positive as well as negative stress and to be comfortable with yourself and acknowledge abilities as well as limits.

—Meghan Wilhelmsen, Rehab & Wellness Coordinator


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