During the new normal known as “Safer at Home” isolation, many St. Mark Village Residents have been looking for ways to help pass the time. Most, if not all of us spend our time indoors and isolated from family and friends. To help manage the monotony, we’ve created a list of free online resources available to those of us most effected by the recent stay at home orders. For a complete list, please visit www.StMarkVillage.org/Resources.


In addition to these free online resources, our Wellness Coordinator has begun to broadcast Wellness Classes on our in-house channel for our Residents.  Check out Simply Stretch and Sit & Be Fit as additional resources in an effort to stay safe, strong, and positive.


For more on Move with Melanie, go to www.StMarkVillage.org/Wellness.  Melanie will continue to focus on helping our Residents feel more energetic and confident by increasing their balance, strength, range of motion, and endurance.


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