combat memory loss

Combat Memory Loss

Easy ways to exercise your brain

Are you looking for a way to boost your brain health and combat memory loss? Here are a few great activities that you can get involved in that will give your brain a good work out warding off age and memory loss.

Take on a new hobby

A great way to stimulate your brain as well as your whole body is to take on a new hobby or pick up an activity that you used to love.  Fitness and wellness classes are available daily. Try out aerobics or swimming.   Also, our craft center and wood working shop are open on a regular basis.  If you have a green thumb or have always been interested in horticulture, or just want to try something different we have a wonderful greenhouse and garden with lots of plants that need care.


Whether it be the newspaper or magazine or books try to make reading a part of your daily life. Stop by the on campus library for a vast selection of books and magazines.

Try your other hand

Switching hands is a great way to stimulate brain activity.  This means that you try everyday tasks using your non-dominant hand.   If you’re right-handed try wiping down your countertops with your left hand. You could even try brushing your teeth with the opposite hand. This is a great way to stimulate your brain and could be quite humorous as well!

Switching up your routine

Following the same path and order every day could get a little monotonous. Try switching up your routine by taking a different path or taking the long way for you on your walk.

Games and puzzles

Working on puzzles, playing cards or board game will get your brain rolling and can also help with dexterity. Try playing a game of cards with a group of friends or working on a jigsaw puzzle to improve your brain health.

Current events

Another great way to keep your brain in tiptop shape is to follow up with current events whether it be politics, entertainment or sports take time to learn about what’s happening today.

As we age our brains can are in need of a little boost. Try some of these activities today to help your brain health. Another benefit is you might meet some new people and find something that you really enjoy. Check out the St. Mark Village daily schedule to see what you might be interested in.



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