40/40 Vision

Strengthening St. Mark Village for the Next 40 Years

40/40 Vision for the Future


As St. Mark Village celebrates our 40th Anniversary in 2020; we are proud of the years we have grown as a family in Palm Harbor. From 1980 to 2020, we have faithfully protected and served our Residents in their aging years. With your financial support, you will help renew, strengthen, and secure St. Mark Village for another 40 years.


In celebration of our 40th Anniversary, we are pleased to announce our 40/40 Vision Campaign. Your support during this campaign will safeguard the health and well-being of St. Mark Village Residents by creating an atmosphere that provides the most up to date medical facilities, the safest protective measures from a rapidly changing world, as well as assuring that St. Mark Village is a place where our Residents feel safe and are proud to call home.


Residential Living Our Vision

By partnering with St. Mark Village, we invite you to perpetuate our culture of paying it forward. Each Independent Living Resident who moves to St. Mark makes the Life Care promise part of their daily lives, understanding that they have the opportunity to pay it forward. “Even if a Resident’s health or financial circumstances should change, they will always have a home at the Village.” Just imagine, long before you knew anything about St. Mark Village, or considered making your home here, or now call St. Mark home, one Resident gave to another, and another and another, beginning 40 years ago.

A refreshing and refurbishing will make us even prouder of our home and make it more appealing to the next generations who will continue to pay it forward. The money contributed will be used for much-needed upgrades to our home’s aesthetics - Residential Hallways, Lobbies, Village Cafe & Bakery, Wellness Center, Library, and more.

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The Village is designed to be a sanctuary where Residents can live with independence, dignity, and peace of mind. We provide highly rated healthcare and a warm, welcoming home to nearly 600 Residents.  As with any home, even one that has been tended to lovingly, the time will come when improvements are needed. Will you leave a legacy of paying it forward?

 Dining Room Acoustics

Fully funded by generous Residents, the acoustical upgrades to the Dining Room are about to begin. We have researched noise reduction technologies and hired an acoustical engineer to help make the Dining Room as pleasant to the ears as it is to the palate.

 Chapel Audiovisuals

Our Chapel, which seats 300, also serves as a multipurpose space. Phase one of extensive audio and video enhancements, fully funded by several Resident benefactors, is currently underway.

 Common Area Decor

Our list includes new decor to achieve a look similar to the recent redecoration of our Floor Lounges. We plan to restore our Greenhouse and improve the Pool Deck and outdoor furniture. Thanks to a generous donor, the Breezeway leading to our Pool has an all-new look and feel.

What Legacy are You Leaving Behind?

For four decades, generous Residents who have held the Life Care promise close to their hearts have given, perpetuating our culture of paying it forward. So, isn’t it worth giving to a place full of givers? With your support, $2 MM will improve and honor both our Nebraska Avenue and Highland Lakes campuses.

St. Mark Village is designed to be a sanctuary where Residents can live with independence, dignity, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that support is available should their needs change. Since our founding in 1980, Residents have been proud to call St. Mark Village home. As with any home, regular maintenance and updating are required to make the environment attractive not only for now but for the future. Recent gifts from Residents have made several new projects possible.

$2 Million

Goal for Our Residential Living Vision

Be a part of something that will make a difference 40 years from now:

To partner with St. Mark Village, call our Independent Living Administrator, Matthew D. Fresh at (727) 464-1749 to discuss all of your giving options. Call today and pay it forward.

Matthew D. Fresh


   (727) 464-1749