40/40 Vision

Strengthening St. Mark Village for the Next 40 Years

40/40 Vision for the Future


As St. Mark Village celebrates our 40th Anniversary in 2020; we are proud of the years we have grown as a family in Palm Harbor. From 1980 to 2020, we have faithfully protected and served our Residents in their aging years. With your financial support, you will help renew, strengthen, and secure St. Mark Village for another 40 years.


In celebration of our 40th Anniversary, we are pleased to announce our 40/40 Vision Campaign. Your support during this campaign will safeguard the health and well-being of St. Mark Village Residents by creating an atmosphere that provides the most up to date medical facilities, the safest protective measures from a rapidly changing world, as well as assuring that St. Mark Village is a place where our Residents feel safe and are proud to call home.


Safety & Security Our Vision

Safety and security are top of mind for our Residents, their loved ones, Team Members, neighbors, and friends. By partnering with St. Mark Village, you will become an indispensable ally as we take our existing systems to a whole new level. With your support, $1 MM will be used to upgrade technology for Resident Medical Alert Systems throughout the Village. Also, all common areas will receive a security makeover with video monitoring of residential hallways and entrances and exits, as well as parking lots and outdoor spaces.

Concerns about safety and security at home should be the last thing on our Residents minds, and the first thing on ours. St. Mark Village, a not-for-profit, Continuing Care Community, is designed to provide peace of mind, not only because of the many resources available but because our Security Team is on the job around the clock to watch over and assist our people.

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There is no such thing as too much security when it comes to the safety of the ones we love. As St. Mark Village celebrates its 40th year, our vision is to bring our infrastructure into the 21st century with safety and security upgrades at both the Nebraska Avenue and Highland Lakes campuses.

Will you leave a legacy to protect and serve?

 State-of-the-Art Call Systems

The days of pull cords hanging on the wall are ending. The most current safety measures are far more advanced — from wearable technology to monitoring systems that will allow the St. Mark Village Security Team to pinpoint the location of a Resident should they need help.

 Video Monitoring

We only need to read the headlines, turn on our televisions, or look at our phones to know we need a sophisticated security plan that includes video monitoring. It is a necessity, considering the size of our buildings and that our Residents and Team Members are continually on the move, to be ready for any situation.

 Common Area Coverage

With numerous guests, contractors, and vendors entering and exiting the buildings, we will use new technology to assist us as we continue to be especially vigilant about our Residents, Team Members, and visitor’s safety. Our goal — 24/7 we’ve got them covered.

What Legacy are You Leaving Behind?

By partnering with St. Mark Village, you will become an indispensable ally in our quest to keep our people safe and secure. With your support, $1 MM will be allocated for video monitoring, and also to provide a system that vastly improves our ability to respond to a Resident’s call for assistance.

With all that is going on in the world today, ensuring the safety and security of our Residents is priority number one for Team Members. Yet, we feel the need to be even more prepared. Your gifts will help enable us to augment our existing training with the most up to date methods. We will also be able to provide the most advanced tools available to our Security Team, and in fact to all our Team Members, so that they are better prepared for any unexpected threats that may occur.

$1 Million

Goal for Our Safety & Security Vision

Be a part of something that will make a difference 40 years from now:

To partner with St. Mark Village, call our Independent Living Administrator, Matthew D. Fresh at (727) 464-1749 to discuss all of your giving options. Call today and join our quest to protect and serve.

Matthew D. Fresh


   (727) 464-1749