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In 1977, Pastor James H. Fresh, of St. Mark Lutheran Church in Dunedin, Florida was approached by two parishioners who wondered what would happen to them as they grew older. Who would care for them if they were unable to care for themselves, or each other? Where would they go? Who would look after them? Was there something the church could do, they wondered? Pastor Fresh had many long time members of the Church who were all generally vibrant and healthy, some without family nearby. None exhibited a desire to give up their active lifestyle.

Inspired by their concerns, Pastor Fresh envisioned a community of people, social, busy, and full of life; a place where one’s needs were met at those moments when they required support. He believed that a place that cared for the total person – the physical, emotional, and spiritual side of each Resident – would provide a life enriching environment for those wishing to live life to the fullest.

Thus began St. Mark Village, a community where you can let go of your concerns about the future, and embrace the peace of mind that comes with knowing that on-site healthcare is at your fingertips.

St. Mark Village has grown into a 12-acre Continuing Care Community serving a diverse group of men and women who have chosen a home where they can be vital, engaged, and secure, knowing that support is at their doorstep, should their needs change.


With genuine compassion for each Resident, our dedicated and passionate leaders deliver decades of combined experience to every department at the Village.


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