40/40 Vision

Strengthening St. Mark Village for the Next 40 Years

40/40 Vision for the Future


As St. Mark Village celebrates our 40th Anniversary in 2020; we are proud of the years we have grown as a family in Palm Harbor. From 1980 to 2020, we have faithfully protected and served our Residents in their aging years. With your financial support, you will help renew, strengthen, and secure St. Mark Village for another 40 years.


In celebration of our 40th Anniversary, we are pleased to announce our 40/40 Vision Campaign. Your support during this campaign will safeguard the health and well-being of St. Mark Village Residents by creating an atmosphere that provides the most up to date medical facilities, the safest protective measures from a rapidly changing world, as well as assuring that St. Mark Village is a place where our Residents feel safe and are proud to call home. Visit our 40/40 Vision Campaign webpage for more information.

A $20 MM Endowment


St. Mark Village  Inc., a not-for-profit, Continuing Care Community, provides a home and highly rated healthcare to nearly 600 Residents. Our Mission of four decades is to enrich the lives of the Residents we serve by creating an environment that fulfills their every need - body, mind, and spirit. Since our founding by Pastor James H. Fresh in 1980, it is our culture of compassion and promise of peace of mind that has truly set us apart. We proudly continue to honor our Life Care promise – “Even if a Resident’s health or financial circumstances should change, they will always have a home at the Village.”

With over 350 Team Members from our local community, we strive to make a positive impact on every life we touch. We believe in our Mission, living and working it daily in a family atmosphere, side by side with Team Members who faithfully serve at St. Mark Village, some for 30 years or more. The St. Mark Village Endowment is the cornerstone of a vision to safeguard St. Mark Village. By partnering with St. Mark in our 40/40 Vision Campaign, you will help us renew and strengthen the Village now, and for the future. With your support, $20 MM will be used to create an Endowment Fund.

The unique lifestyle we enjoy as St. Mark Village Residents is designed to promote health and vitality allowing us to savor every moment with the peace of mind that comes with knowing all of our needs are met. Peace in the form of the Endowment in which funds are targeted specifically for the future of the St. Mark Village.

What Legacy are You Leaving Behind?


Endowment: How does it work? 

The concept is simple, create a self-supporting economy within St. Mark Village. Think of it as the Village’s long-term savings account. The earnings from the Endowment will ensure that operating needs are covered, allowing the Village to flourish for many years to come. Our goal is $20 MM, and as a not-for-profit 501(c)(3), your tax-deductible donations to the Fund will make a significant ongoing difference in the lives of each and every Resident and Team Member. 


When we analyze the complex issues we face now, and also prepare for what we believe will be challenges going forward, our priorities are clear. Create a well-funded Endowment that will keep on giving, enabling us to continue to provide excellent care, services, and jobs year after year. Form meaningful community partnerships with others who also strive to leave a lasting legacy of giving back, in our neighborhood, and beyond. Together, we will secure St. Mark Village for the next 40 years.

Building on the Mission of our Founder, we are now responsible for creating a new vision together.

For 40 years, St. Mark Village has been a sanctuary for our Residents, a place of fulfillment for dedicated Team Members, and an integral part of the Palm Harbor community. Try to imagine Palm Harbor if there were no St. Mark Village. With you as a partner, we can create a new vision. We must plan for the challenges ahead to continue to provide superior care and services, a joyful life-affirming home, and a safe and secure environment. Now is the time to create an Endowment Fund, protecting us for the future, so that our Mission will endure. Join us, become part of something bigger than yourself, and leave a legacy that will last. 

$20 Million

Goal for Endowment Fund Vision

Be a part of something that will make a difference 40 years from now:

To partner with St. Mark Village, call our Independent Living Administrator, Matthew D. Fresh at (727) 464-1749 to discuss all of your giving options. Call today and join our culture of compassion.

Matthew D. Fresh



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