Resources to Help Pass the Time

During the new normal known as “Safer at Home” isolation, many St. Mark Village Residents have been looking for ways to help pass the time. Most, if not all of us spend our time indoors and isolated from family and friends. To help manage the monotony, we've created a list of free resources available to those of us most effected by the recent stay at home orders.

1. Tetris


Many of you may have played this game on an older Nintendo Gaming System. The game includes various levels all with the goal of keeping your play area clear by orienting blocks as they drop from the top of the screen.

2. Words with Friends


This game was designed for all of you word buffs. Like to play Scrabble? Then you'll really enjoy playing Words with Friends.

3. Dots: A Game about Connecting


It's a simple game of connect the dots. This one will keep you occupied for hours on end. This game was number one for a long while in many counties. Give it a try.

4. Candy Crush


Do you have a phone with a touchscreen? Then you should already have this classic game. This one is too fun not to try, but be careful… you may find a new addiction.

5. Angry Birds


It’s highly likely that you would have heard about Angry Birds before — but have you played it? Don't be fooled by all of the cute birds, this one will test your nerve for sure.

6. Tiny Wings


An Amazing time passer… and amazingly fun. Don't let the size fool you, this one packs big fun.

7. Monopoly

8. Monument Valley


This one is fancy with 3D graphics in a surreal world. May not be for everyone, but then again… it might be for you.

9. Card Shark Solitaire


It's the classic card game, for your phone. Put that old, dusty deck of cards away and try this classic in a whole new way.

10. Triple Town


Are you a fan of cooking? Then get ready to make a town with your cooking skills, which is exactly that is what happens in this game.

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