Most Americans over the age of 65 are either married or living together under the same roof with their significant other.  A trend that is likely to grow well into the future as we live longer and better than ever before. To help accommodate the living preferences of senior couples, the best senior living communities offer a variety of options that are perfect for people who are committed to living their lives together – and much more. So, what are some of the benefits of senior living communities for couples? Let’s explore the top four reasons couples find happiness at senior living communities.



  1. Prioritize Quality Time: Let’s face it, chores like mowing the lawn and scrubbing floors can get in the way of having fun with your significant other. By choosing a senior living facility, you are choosing to abandon household duties and spend more time enjoying each other’s company. At a senior living community, you’ll find a convenient, maintenance-free lifestyle that leaves plenty of time for enjoying life’s finer moments together. Say farewell to those mundane, repetitive chores.


  1. Find the Right Amount of Space: For many couples, moving into a senior living community is about finding the right amount of space. The large home is no longer necessary, yet you don’t want to feel cramped when downsizing. For those couples that desire a smaller floor plan to free up fun money to travel or a more spacious floorplan for entertaining, be sure to find a community that offers a wide variety of options so you can choose the setup that works best.


  1. Discover New Experiences: In many ways, moving to a senior living community can be a liberating experience and could easily be one of the more exciting things you do together as a couple. From the neighbors who will greet you on your first day to the new dining options, exciting activities, and endless amenities you’ll have at your fingertips, boredom will be downright impossible. Who knows, you might even decide to pick up a new hobby or try a new exercise class. You get to decide how to spend each new day, whether that be together or independently.


  1. Peace of Mind in the Future: Aging, as we know, is often unpredictable and rarely occurs at the same rate as a spouse.  At some point in the future, one will probably need extra care and support while the other does not. At a senior living community, you can stay together while allowing the experts to handle health care needs. The continuum of care provides peace of mind for couples and their families, knowing care is available for as long as it is needed.




Going into your retirement years, it’s important to consider the role a senior living community can play in your long-term plans. At St. Mark Village, we offer a variety of spacious living options perfect for senior couples or singles alike. Best of all, the Village is designed to help you stay active, healthy, and social as you age. Call 727-464-1750 to connect with our friendly and knowledgeable counselors and learn why so many are proud to call St. Mark Village home.






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